Friday, December 12, 2008

Indy City/County Council Email Update

An update to this post where I email the Democrats on the Indy City/County Council. So far only one councilor has taken the time to respond to me. Ahhhh that's representation! Councilwoman Angela Mansfield deserves credit for responding though, although she only addressed the issue of the Assessor pay after their positions were eliminated.

Not sure I should put the exact email in there as I didn't say in my initial email I would be posting replies, but essentially the council's hands were tied a bit by the state law that said they couldn't pay them nothing, and that she was in favor of paying them at the much lower 1980 level for the two years they were forced to pay them (and was a sponsor of the proposal to do just that). Unfortunately, if they had not passed the $54,000 for two years proposal then the assessors woudl have gotten $60,000.

I'm still pissed that it came to that, but props to Councilwoman Mansfield for taking the time to reply, at least on that issue.

Update: After 7 days, still only the single response from Councilwoman Mansfield.

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