Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Final post on the "NO GODS" license plate

As promised, just wanted to post the text of the letter I got from teh BMV now approving my "NO GODS" plate for those that are interested.

Dear Mr. B_______:
The Bureau of Motor Vehicles ("BMV") received your request for the personalized license plate NO GODS. The BMV initially denied your application and sent a letter to you informing you of that determination. Subsequently, the BMV did an additional review of all applications that were denied and determined that your application shoudl have been approved. As such, your request for NO GODS is approved for the 2010 registration year.
It's signed by the General Counsel of the BMV, so I'm certainly with the idea that this was more a "oh shit we might get sued" sort of thing. I hope that this helps the BMV implement it's policies regarding Personalized License Plates more fairly in the future, and maybe even helped others who had decided not to fight get the non-theist plates they requested.

So that's it. I'll be getting the plate early next year in February. I'll make sure to post a picture when I have it.

Oh, The Friendly Atheist posted a quick bit that I was approved as well. Thanks to Hemant for posting my story and helping to get the visibility for it that lead to the successful conclusion.

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Nondescript said...

Well, you can't get a "NO GODS" license in Virginia. But that's only because I already have it. I got the license plate a couple years ago.

There was no trouble getting the plate. Though, I noticed one of the people wroking at the DMV shaking her head in disgust.

I thought I would get more negative reactions to the plate, but they've been mostly positive. Still, there are the moments. One time, I was sitting outside of a Golden Coral in my car with the windows open. A group of ladies came out of a van and noticed the plate. After gawking at it for a while, I head one woman comment "He just doesn't care", then they all went into the restaurant. None of them bothered to say anything to me. Strange.

Another time, I came out to my car and saw a young couple standing there, looking at my car. I unlocked the car and they looked up at me. Then both simultaneously exclaimed, "Yeaaah!".

There hasn't been any vandalism that I can see, so I've been lucky with that.

Good luck with your new license plate and hope you have fun with it.